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These days, Peru is considered an interesting country and one of the most attractive points of South America. The richness of its history from the pre-Hispanic period to our days, mount up a vast of astonishing construction in incredible landscapes. This multi cultural and multi racial country offers indescribable gastronomy prepared by nice people that can make you feel welcomed with open arms. By the side, the Peruvian lifestyle creates a unique environment to experience a natural tourism.

According to the Britain organization The New Economics Foundation, Peru got ranking 28 of the Happiest Countries of The World, research based on life expectancy, satisfaction level of the residents and ecologic practices. Either, natives from all northern Peru are very graceful and live a pleasant way of living, so imagine how cool Mancora Beach might be.

If you travel to Peru in search of natural places and to change your routine, Mancora Beach is a top places for tourists that need to relax. The gorgeous beaches full of sunny days and lovely sunsets, the strong nature with great biodiversity around, the delicious seafood and kindly persons, make of Mancora Peru a paradise.

Mancora Beach Amenities

Mancora Peru beaches as Las Pocitas or Vichayito are recommended for those who are trying to escape from all the day-by-day routine; beaches as Los Organos Beach are special for surfing. The mystic energy of this little city makes you feel part of the universe. This beach and its special environment, inpire to many people to learn about themselves.

Activities begin early in the dawn. In Mancora Beach, fishermen as well as surfers wake up at 3:00am to start an adventure in the sea. The hardworking fishermen always entrust their lives to God for a daily return to home and to get enough fish to sell. Surfers wish to search amazing waves to join the sea until the spell finishes with the magic sunset. Meanwhile, many tourists are dancing and talking in the middle of a party at the town that last until the morning.

The majority of the attractions in Mancora Beach are related to the beach: swimming, surfing, diving, fishing and kite surfing are some of them. Many tourists like to take a walk to the downtown by the shore; it is also nice to go horse riding or cycling. Visitors at Mancora rent bikes, motorcycles, cars or rent taxi services for larger distances.

Other Things to Do at Mancora Peru

Another important thing to enjoy in Mancora Beach could be eating and buying handicrafts. In fact, these are the main activities to care about in these magnificent beaches; the rest is to relax and contemplate the place. There are restaurants for any budget and artisans have unique - glamorous pieces for sale.

The best of Mancora Beach is that anybody can find a place to rest and eat for all budgets, so if you want some adventure and beach life in a small town, you'll find the place that fits to you; after all, everybody will appreciate the fabulous blue ocean with whales, dolphins and sea birds.

So, if you are looking for relax, nature, fun, adventure, sunny days, sand, good food, excellent drinks, night life and more, put a check to Peru in your next travel agenda and visit Mancora Beach.

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