Mancora Beaches Guide

Mancora Beaches Guide

Walking through the Mancora beaches seashore is a total relax. There are beautiful landscapes, impossible to forget. Little crabs running through the rocks while seabirds are trying to eat some fish that jump in the sea, is just one of the many natural scenes you can see here.

For everyone that encourages go walking, I recommend to apply sun block lotion (up to 30 SPF) or try to carry a wide-brimmed hat, wear lighted-colour dresses and take something to drink. Mancora beaches are really hot!!! There are beautiful beaches nearby; each one has a singular special, so it may be interesting to visit all of them.

These are some of the nearest to town Mancora beaches:


Lobitos has a colder temperature and a colder sea than the rest of northern-peruvian beaches, because the Humboldt Current has a greater affluence than El Nino Current. The strong winds, besides Lobitos left waves, make this beautiful beach be perfect for surfers.

Lobitos is placed at km.1100 of Carretera Panamericana Norte / Distrito de Lobitos. Generally, people go surfing all day long to Lobitos, and then lodge at other beaches of Mancora as Las Pocitas Beach or go to Los Organos.

If it is the first time you go driving to Lobitos, I recommend you to carry someone that shows you the way or you shall be lost. Take care with rocks.

Cabo Blanco

Cabo Blanco is an "Only Recommended for Pros" beach, where waves high from 1m to 3m and the perfect pipes are known around over the world. The perfect environment of Cabo Blanco has made that it becomes setting of several world fishing records, thanks to the high plancton content that gather attractive species as Pez Dorado, Pez Espada and the magic Pez Merlin.

Panic Point is one of the hardest beaches of Cabo Blanco. Cabo Blanco is placed in Km 1137 of Carretera Panamericana Norte / Distrito El Alto.

Los Organos

Los Órganos is a great beach for surfing. It is more pacific and calm – only few people move around here; but since some years ago, there is more touristic activity. Beaches as Casablanca, Los Organos and Organitos are ideal for high-experienced surfers. For swimming Punta Veleros is one of the best. Los Organos is placed at km. 1150 of Carretera Panamericana Norte / distrito Los Organos.

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Vichayito is an extensive, showy and quiet beach. Diving lovers specially come to Bajerío "Peña Mala", a well-known diving spot because the variety of species that can be found. It is placed in the north of the beach.

Vichayito is a thick and white sand beach with few rocks. It has several nice places to swim (I recommend asking people that live in Mancora). Sunset in this beach is simply marvelous!

Vichayito is placed at km 1155 of Carretera Panamericana Norte / Distrito Los Órganos.

Punta Sal

Puntal Sal is a paradisiacal beach with white and thick sand. Here people practice surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving and others. Punta Sal is placed at km. 1187 of Carretera Panamericana Norte / Distrito Contralmirante Villar.


A very calm beach that is ideal for relax. Zorritos is warmer than other nearby beaches. All around has more vegetation and all seems to be more "natural". This beach has basic services for anyone that wants to be focused in surfing. Close to Zorritos is Hervideros.

Zorritos is placed at km. 1241 of Carretera Panamericana Norte / Distrito Contralmirante Villar.

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