Mancora Food Drink Guide

Mancora Food Drink Guide

Mancora and overall, the whole Peru, is proud about its appetizing food; therefore, many tourists come here to taste the delicious of northern food as part of a gastronomic tour.

Mancora has restaurants for all budgets to prove typical plates. All of them taste good because recipes are well known by the most. The main difference between one restaurant and the other is in the kind of fish and seafood employed as well as the complexity in preparation and its service.

Peruvian Cebiche

Peruvian cook Ceviche with the finest fish of the planet. Fishes like Mero (Grouper), Congrio (Conger) or Ojo de Uva (it means Grape Eye) are essential for cooking the most exotic recipes. Delicious seafood like Langosta (Lobster), the aphrodisiac Conchas Negras (Black Shells) or the powerful Cangrejos (Crabs) are part of Mancoras´ menus.

These exquisite plates are prepared with fish of the day that has no industrial process. You will enjoy the taste of a really fresh fish: directly from the sea to your dish. A cold peruvian beer or an exotic fruit juice cultivated by their own inhabitants, are the perfect complement to these delicious dishes.

If you come to Mancora and have never proved seafood before, I recommend you begin eating them a little, so you can check how your organism reacts. Some people of any age may produce allergy when eating seafood. If you have proved them without problems, just enjoy these magic flavors!

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International Mancora Food Drink

You can find in Mancora international restaurants that offer exquisite Parrilla (grilled meat or barbecue) prepared with a special taste.

Don´t you want to eat some Pizza after a beach day? Or perhaps Lasagna? You will find good Italian restaurants that offer these delicious plates cooked by authentic Italians that had remained to live in Mancora amazed about this wonderful place.

Many friends told me that Mexican food is also here, but I haven´t found open this restaurant yet. If you go first than me, can tell me how good is it?

If you prefer vegetarian food, there are restaurants that will satisfy your election very well. Peruvian food is prepared with soya and fresh delicious vegetables. You shall pay special attention to plates prepared with quinua, an original grain from Peru Andeans with a high protein value and few calories. Breads cooked up to seven different grains are served with avocado, tomato and olive oil… they are so delicious that I am thinking going to eat one right now!

The Cocktails

Coctails are pretty well done in Mancora. From the peruvian Pisco Sour to Coctail de Algarrobina, Piña colada, Cuba Libre and Daikiri de Maracuya, all are exquisite!

Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour liquefies lemon juice, sugar or rubber syrup, pisco and ice. Some add a little of egg white, Angostura Bitter and powdered cinnamon.

Pisco is a-high-alcoholic liquor that results from grapes fermentation, treated in copper alembics. Pisco can be taken - even pure - as aperitif or digestive. A pro combination includes spicy, strong and acid flavors as chili, avocado, fish, seafood, potatoes corn and more food that combine very well with Mancoras´ food.

Cocktail de Algarrobina

Cocktail de Algarrobina is another peruvian drink with pisco, milk and algarrobo syrup, one of the main trees of northern Peru – You can also ask someone that shows you an Algarrobo in Mancora!

Piña Colada

Piña Colada is a delicious cocktail that its serve ready after liquefying the best pineapple and coconut water of Mancora, white rum, sugar and ice. Take care with this cocktail that is soft when drinking and strong when digesting, due the high concentration of sugar in the ingredients employed.

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre is another usual cocktail that combines rum, coke, and lemon juice and it is served with crushed ice.

Daikiri de Maracuya

Any cocktail made with Maracuya is super and so is Daikiri de Maracuya, due its powerful citric, the hot rum, lemon juice and crushed ice!

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