Mancora Summer Vacation, Peru

Mancora Summer Vacation

Are you counting the days left - every single day - for your Mancora summer vacation? If so, you must be very excited about going to one of the top ten beaches with warmer weather plus its spectacular natural landscapes, nice people and delicious Peruvian food. If you want to have a memorable travel, let´s make a plan and go ahead keeping in mind that it will be the only time in the year that you will have a lot of days to spend getting really relaxed… after a full year worth of work.

Planning a Nice Mancora Summer Vacation

When you had figured out what to do during your Mancora summer vacation, then it will be easier for you to make your plan. You can determine the better place to stay in Mancora, while considering your budget.

Think about the places you want to visit when coming to Mancora. You can go to nearby beaches as Las Pocitas Beach, Vichayito, Los Organos, Playa del Amor (Love Beach), Punta Sal, etc.
Also, for a complete Mancora summer vacation, try to visit some exotic places like Poza de Barro, Pilares de la Quebrada Fernandez or Parque Nacional Cerros de Amotape, which is part of the Biosphere Reservation of the Northwest Peru.

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Mancora Summer Vacation Style

In second chance, try to decide the main activities you and your companion will prefer to do. For most people, a Mancora summer vacation is all about swimming and hanging out on the beach. But there are more choices: surfing, kite surfing, diving, fishing, biking, go horse riding or walking by the seashore.

Some people would take a Mancora summer vacation just to experience how people live in this little fishers’ town where tourism have grown fast in the last ten years and mixed up different cultures from all over the world, plus if compare your life style with a different way of life by itself is a master lesson.

Mancora Summer Vacation on Budget

Mancora will be a perfect destination for you, your family and friends…and overall for your budget. All you really have to do is to plan, decide, and realize. Do that and your Mancora summer vacation will re-energize you!

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Mancora Summer Vacation