Mancora Surfing Vacation

Mancora Surfing Vacation

Peru, a country with an incomparable natural richness, celebrates Mancora surfing for being catalogued as one of the best points of the South Pacific coast for surf. Mancora has a strong mystic, this small fisher town in northern Peru near Ecuador´s frontier is a nice place to stay. Its warm water, endless sunshine, blue sky and perfect breaks, makes Mancora´s beaches incomparable.

Mancora According to The New York Times

For Julia Chaplin, an outstanding journalist of The New York Times, Peru by the moment is only known by the little elite that take advantage of its magnificent conditions. Also, she compares our beaches with the best Malibu and Hawai and also says that with less years of surfing life than other countries, peruvian have incorporated powerful surfing skills in their ADN!

Tourists from all over the world think that the main benefit in Peru geography is its proximity to the coast and Mancora surfing – as other few beaches of the northern coast - has these unique healthy climatic conditions that offer a rich biodiversity as well of incredible landscapes, sun all the year and spectacular sunsets that you will remember for ever!

Surfing In Mancora

Mancora surfing has a great opportunity by the hands – is in the middle of an ideal moment to get into the international surf circuit, so in the future can be placed like one of the recognized surf points – and overall there is much space for surfers!

Part of the charm of Mancora surfing is the natural style of its beaches and the simple way of live that smells everywhere; there are no hurries, full of energy. But to make the perfect goal, Mancora has a lot of work to do. When you arrive to the town, all is so simple that you won´t imagine how gorgeous the beaches can be.

Beside the main street of the town – km 1160 of North Panamerican Highway – are installed some kiosks that sell souvenirs, the same as fruits, seafood, different restaurants and other business. Here, moto taxis are a popular way to transport and they are so cheap that you can go all the day from one place to another. Las Pocitas, Vichayito and Mancora are the best for many.

Mancora Surfing and Sofia Mulanovich

Sofia Mulanovich (who surfs in Mancora too) has a lot to do about the new surf pop cultural fever in Peru, a girl that won - between the best americans and australians surfers - the World Surfing Championship title Hawaii 2004 and still collets more trophies. She is a great inspiration for many fanatics and now many people think that surf in this country can be recognized in the same level as the delicious peruvian food or Machupicchu - Cuzco! She says that now many teenagers wish to be a pro international surfer. She is showing to all Peruvian how a dream can become true. Thanks to Sofía a lot!

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