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Mancora Vacation

Mancora Location

In recent years, Mancora beach has been recognized as one of the best surfing points of the planet emphasizing on its great breaks and strong wind. Persons around the world come to Mancora beaches for surfing diving or kite surfing as well as finding themselves and have a good time. Natives from Mancora are friendly - and in addition they prepare peruvian delicious food.

Mancora is located in Peru - Piura department - at kilometer 1165 of Carretera Panamericana Norte, 1200 kilometers north from Lima, 182 km north from Piura city and 120 km south from Ecuadorīs border. Many tourists fly from Lima to Piura or Tumbes airport (1 - 2 hours) and then travel by bus or taxi to Mancora (3.5 and 1.5 hours approximately). Other tourists travel using some bus service from Lima to Mancora (around 16 to 19 hours) and stay at Las Pocitas Beach, Mancora for example.

Mancora Weather

The pleasant weather of Mancora beach invites swimming. Mancora has the particular weather of the northern Peru, or more exactly, the special temperature that only exists in Piura. In this place are found the Humboltd Current (is cold and comes from south) and "El Nino" Current (hot and coming from north); that is why its temperature feels like an average of both. It's not the regular water from the South Pacific, but neither is the tropic hot water that gives a rainy, extremely humid climate and as a result and most of days are sunny! The sea almost all the year is warm and therefore benign.

The weather in Mancora beach Peru is dry and tropical. In summer, from december to april, slight rain and sometimes 38°C. During spring (October and November) and autumn (April and May) it is more than warm - between 24°C and 26°C. In winter, the days are also sunny and nights are fresh (just some of them are a little cold).

Mancora Life

Just for surfers, fanatics or beginners, there are beaches for all levels. Find a perfect wave and even wind that arrive at the same hour everyday make an ideal atmosphere to surf, dive and kite board. Note that not many rent surfing equipment, specially, if you want something specific or with new technology, so it would be better if you bring your own.

Mancora life is very nice for individuals who appreciate to slow down and breathe pure air. Some people arrive to the beach with city living illnesses. As the vacation days go by, is great to see them how they begin to rest well, smile, appreciate the natural landscape, eat without hurries and get relaxed. In addition, taking some rest at a peaceful place like Las Pocitas beach is always delightful for our bodies as well as for our minds and souls.

If day is all relax in Mancora, nights are fast. Pubs all night long - parties that continue until dawn, in some opportunities end with many friends savoring a Chilcano, a clear fish soup recommended after parties.

Savage natural landscape, brilliant sunshine, beautiful people, cool waves and wind for surfing and kite surfing, delicious drinks and food, relax, meditation .. What else can I need in Mancora beach if I have it all? I found paradise here!

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Mancora Beach Vacation