Pocitas Beach Mancora

Pocitas Beach - Mancora

Las Pocitas

Las Pocitas is an ideal beach to take great sunbathes in the natural swimming pools that are formed in the rocks when low tide; this beautiful beach is ideal for clearing minds and taking off city life. Is perfect to rest peaceful and stretch yourself while looking the gorgeous sea and the blue sky . feeling the breeze all around! Las Pocitas is the favorite beach of families and couples because of its intimate and good feeling environment. Many good friends also come to Mancora to have both, calm and entertainment in town.

Las Pocitas is by far one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Perú. A popular story about Spanish conquerors that arrived at South America, tells that when they came to Piura they thought had found paradise... maybe they saw Las Pocitas and its wonderful 6 km length beach.

Las Pocitas is the perfect place for diving and fishing lovers, since this area concentrates a great marine biodiversity. Mero (Grouper), Fortuno, Merlín (Marlin), Atún Gigante (Giant Bluefin Tuna), Congrio (Conger), Pez Vela (Sailfish) and Pez Espada (Swordfish) are the most attractive species in the zone. Most divers come to Las Pocitas searching for lobsters and other species; maybe they swim with dolphins because they appear frequently and are friendly and - Oh!, I forgot - there are months when even they can see whales at the distance. What a spectacle!

Vacation in Las Pocitas

It takes only 10 minutes (4 km south) from Mancora´s town to Las Pocitas, traveling by the Antigua Carretera Panamericana Norte. Thank God the new road is away from the beach now - no truck noises, buses, neither heavy traffic! Moto-taxis is a common way to travel from Mancora to nearby; from the town to the nearest beaches as Las Pocitas it costs 1 dollar up to 5 dollars to farer beaches as Vichayito or Los Organos.

With low tide, many people walk by the seashore from Las Pocitas to Mancora´s town. There is a wonderful view with big houses, ocher hills, big and natural swimming pools - where little fish swim and little crabs are running - while the biggest ones remain in rocks walking fast and looking arrogant. Continuing the road toward the town, there are the dock and the handmade fishing crafts; a picturesque place where seabirds like Tijeretas and Pelicanos fly searching something to eat. Nature and Las Pocitas relaxed way of life make a unique environment to forget all pressure and have a good time.

Las Pocitas is a calm beach all day long. Many groups of friends and families come to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or simply come to go out of routine and take a mind rest. Some tourists only go to Mancora´s town to buy something or have party and then go back to Las Pocitas to connect to this paradisiacal beach and be charmed by the sound of the sea . Far away from noise, but near the town. Other tourists want to stay in Las Pocitas all time they can!

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Las Pocitas, Mancora